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Yönnie, Sonntag, 01. August 2004, 18:33 (vor 5190 Tagen)

mal ein Beitrag aus dem LDN-User board bei Yahoo. Ich finde, man kann gar nicht genug Positives lesen, oder>

Ich warte immer noch auf meine Drops! Na ja, ist ja auch weit aus Indien.
Schönen Sonntag noch

Yönnie :)


Hi all,
I have been taking LDN for 10 days now and can I say WOW. I
have backed off yet not stopped baclofen. (one of you informed me not
to stop cold turkey so thank you for that) However, all of my muscle
spasms were gone by day 5. As for bladder control I stopped taking
Detrol LA and it seems to be correcting itself as we speak. My
eyesight is still poor. Balance is still bad, but I seem to be
heading in the right direction.


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