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Clinical Trials for LDN
Updated: Nov 21, 2007

In Brief
Around the globe, there has been a quantum leap forward in the number of ongoing research studies on LDN—2007 has definitely been a banner year. Here is a capsule look at a number of such projects.

Developments that are detailed below:

-A Phase II placebo-controlled clinical trial of LDN for Crohn’s disease at Penn State.

-The Institutional Review Board in Bamako, Mali, approved plans in September 2007 for a clinical trial of LDN in HIV-infected citizens of Mali—the first scientific study of LDN for HIV/AIDS in Africa—and it was implemented in October 2007.

-A multi-institutional clinical trial of LDN for MS in Italy, which includes endorphin measurements, completing in fall 2007.

-A study of LDN in the treatment of MS at the University of California, San Francisco, implemented in early 2007.

-A clinical trial of LDN in the treatment of fibromyalgia at Stanford Medical Center implemented in October 2007.

-A study by the MindBrain Consortium in Akron, Ohio of, especially, the affective changes in MS treated with LDN, beginning late 2007.

-An animal research study at Penn State of naltrexone in a model of a disease that mimics MS, under a small grant from the National MS Society.

-Animal research on neurodegeneration at NIEHS has suggested a protective role for naltrexone.

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