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Hi Robin,

» I don't write very good German...sorry!

... no problem ... I hope my english will be good enough ... at least to answer your questions ;-) ...

» I am an American
» living in the Wiesbaden area. I was recently diagnosed with Morbus
» Crohn's plus I already have another autoimmune disease. LDN is proving to
» be very effective for this disease.

... it is supposed to be ... I myself do not have any experiences with Morbus Crohn (and I am not really keen to get those ) ... I have enough trouble with my MS :-( ...

» Can anybody give me the names of some
» docs that will help me with LDN> Do most of you buy your Nemexin without a
» recept on-line or do you get a 'legal' recept from your doc>

... I myself (and my wife) are geting a ´legal´recept from our GP ... LD (low dose)N itself is not a drug, the drugs name is NALTREXONE ... the NALTREXONE is supplied by our pharmacist who selects the cheapest NALTREXONE, he can get ... it is not only NEMEXIN, but also NALTIMA (india), NALOREX (france) and a lot of other pharmaceutical companies producing NALTREXONE (naltrexonhydrochlorid) ...

According to some LDN sites around the world you have to pay attention on the kind of filler that is used ...

So long


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