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Hi Robin,

» You get a recept from your GP. Is this because you have MS.

... no, I don´t think so ... my GP is rather open-minded, but it took me some effort (and time) to "convince" him to prescribe LDN ( :-( ) ... my first batch of naltrexone came from Australia and India thru England ... afterwards he "decided" to prescribe Naltrexone (!!!) ...

» Or is it
» fairly easy to get naltrexone (by any name) from a GP.

... yes, I do think so ... the only restriction is, that the GP only gives me a "private" recipe ... that means that I have to pay for the medication and it may not be covered by assurances (in fact it is NOT) ..

» Can my GP only
» give me naltrexone if I have MS> My GP is fairly open but I'm worried
» more about BKK.

... no, there ist no restriction to prescribe naltrexone only for MS ... I believe, it is your duty to convince him to prescribe nalteexone or crohns ... I am sure, you will find a lot of info material on LDN with crohns ... if you can´t find anything, look or ask Linda from LDNReseracTrust in England (LDN Research Trust ....

» Do you ge low dose or do you make it yourself from 50 mg naltrexone>

... we (my wife and me) are using "self-made LDN", that is diluted from naltrexone pills (50mg) in normal water ...

So long


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