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Hi robin,

» My doctor wasn't helpful. Neither was Mainz Uni they don't even know
» about LDN. I have a few options: to a doctor in Holland - this
» takes extra time and money or 2. I found a few places on line that will
» ship. Two of them will ship me generic Revia, do you think this would be
» OK> A third online pharmacy makes me question their business - is it a
» real online shop or a scam.

... it is a shame that Mainz Uni does even not know about LDN/Naltrexone ... and that your doctor wasn´t helpful: maybe you should try abother one (>) ...
what do you expect from a doctor in Holland what you could not get here in Germany without travelling around (>) ... Naltrexone is available in Germany with the same restricions as in Holland (at least as far as I know ) ...

Revia is completely OK ... naltrexone is an "old" medication, which is out of patent ... you can buy a lot of generice around the world (Nalorex(France, Naltime/ India etc) ... that might be the reason why there is no chance of getting it into medical testing for MS or any other disease ...

All medications are Ok with "Naltrexonhydrochlorid" as funtional part ...

The questions of the 3rd pharmacy might be a real shop ... but if you don´t trust them, why consider to buy from them (>>) ... I think there are heaps of pharmacies in the internet ... and one is as good as the other ... only the price and conditions of delivery are imprtant ...

So long


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