International LDN Awareness Week 19th – 25th October (Forum)

TOM ⌂, 93197 Zeitlarn/Regendorf, Montag, 19. Oktober 2009, 10:45 (vor 3345 Tagen)

Hi @ all,

wie schon beschrieben, ruft Linda und der LDN ResearchTrust die
"International LDN Awareness Week 19th – 25th October " aus ...
Wer Näheres erfahren möchte lese : Forum des LDN Research Trust ... schreibt hierzu:

"International LDN Awareness Week Launches October 19-25. This unique week aims at increasing media attention to the many thousands of patients with autoimmune diseases who are benefiting from the off-label use of LDN. Organization of the inaugural International LDN Awareness Week has been spearheaded by Linda Elsegood of the LDN Research Trust in the UK and internationally supported by SammyJo Wilkinson of, Julia Schopick of, Malcolm West of Practical Communications Group, and Cris Kerr, advocate for the value of patient testimony. For further information, contact Linda Elsegood, LDN Research Trust. You may also view the International LDN Awareness Week e-book of 100 testimonials, entitled 100 Reasons Why You Should Know About LDN. "

So long


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